Rob from Spring,Tx

A wanna-be trader trying to scrap together a living from full time trading. Looking forward to becoming consistently profitable this year if not, then I will need to move on to Plan B.

The main purpose of the blog is to provide accountability and bring structure to my trading. I will regard my trading as I would a business and will use the blog to monitor those ups and downs.

I have been trading for about 15 years, 10 of which while working at a brokerage firm and the last 5 from home. I have had my most success swing trading positions. The last 4-5 years attempting to day trade has met with failure. I hope to get a better handle on what is the cause of this problem and simultaneously swing trade my longer term accounts.

An avid tennis player at least when I am not eating my Filipina wife’s great cooking. In 2012 I took time away from trading and focused on my tennis. I managed to reach 4th in Texas w/a 75-8 record, not bad for a 57yr old playing mostly 20-30year olds with temperatures over 100. A book reader who babysits 2 dogs, 3 stray mostly in-home cats, enjoys fishing and the monthly lay overs of my nomadic sons.


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