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Wednesday SoD

ElyWicks PocketPivots Ants BullishSqueeze Advertisements

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Tuesday’s SoD

ElyWicks List1 List2 PocketPivots List1 PocketPivots(volTweak) List1 BullishSqueeze List1 Ants List1 Strong RS stocks for the month List1

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Monday’s SoD

~Results and data as of: 03/03/2014 at 08:44:44 AM Pocket Pivots (normal) List1, List2, List3 Pocket Pivots (tweak) List1, List2, List3, List4, List5 ElyWicks (daily) List1 ElyWicks (weekly) List1 BullishSqueeze List1 The Ants List1

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Index of Book Reviews

Here is a partial list of the books I have read. They are not in any particular order. If you are interested in discussing any let me know. Titles underlined indicate I have gone thru a 2nd or 3rd time … Continue reading

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Location, Location

**update just discovered Google Drive offers 15g for free soooo transfering and setting up shop there. Since I plan to use Excel for journaling my trades and  monitoring performance I am not sure where to store the info. A few … Continue reading

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