A few notes on trading Books

For creating my trading model I took a look at T2W Trading Plan Template from 2005. I got several good ideas from there.


I highly recommend “Master Profit Plan”. This is probably my 3rd pass thru it this weekend and I am finding a lot of useful info not only on all the factors in developing a trading plan but how to approach trading. I am updating my doc on “book reviews” to help keep a record of all the ideas I am getting.


I am looking thru the numerous books and articles I have to find one I may use. In the past year I was sort of using one but after I got it in place I deviated from it quite often.

Presently I am looking/reviewing these:

“Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader” by Brandt
“Master Profit Plan” by Graifer
Dr. Steenbarger’s articles from his web site.

…or others if I can find them. Maybe I will go thru Dr. Elder’s books again. Hopefully this will be in place in the next week or so.

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