I joined the TickerMonkey chat room Thursday last week. I was surprised at the experience and maturity level of the traders in there considering from hence I came a few days earlier, it was a big jump. They averaged around 100 members each day. Price is $75/mth discounted for a longer subscription. Numerous full time traders in there. The majority of the trading is swing trading with perhaps a handful of those actively chatting doing day trades. This chat room came recommended from a trader I met on the ValueInTime forum.

The chat moderator JT is a nice guy. He gave me some background on a few of the traders along with their style. Articles to review are on the blog to get started and understand how he trades. He is an IBD trader or follower of WilliamO’Neil. Some of the trades closed out in the group were said to have been in the 20-50%.

I have started analyzing the logs for who is calling what and when in relationship to their chart timing and where the market is at. I took 4 small trades on Friday.

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