After struggling mightily with my day trading over the past few years I wanted to create my 1st blog in order to have a 3rd person dialog with my pseudo trading coach. A place where I can go to review my trades and be objective in my analysis. I am not looking to generate any income from this blog.

Working for 40+ years for others I have found the past 5 years of stay at home trading to be very challenging. The constant motivation needed to become successful when one is self employed is harder and more stressful than I imagined. I realize now how easy it is to live a life where others tell you were to put your focus, set your deadlines for you and more importantly rain or shine they hand you a check. Just give them 110% and baring a lot of bad luck (i.e. layoffs) you hopeful will by pass the levels of stress and uncertainty entrepreneurs struggle with.

As I got older and my bosses became younger I realized I was living a similar life to my mother. Who continued working as a engineering tech long after her retirement and spent only 5 years really retired was raising my brother’s kids before she passed on.

So I felt if I was going to venture out and try to gain financial independence the opportunity was to be had now. I investigated getting started in a franchise though the start-up cost for all those highly rated seemed crazy high. I believe Panera Bread was like $1,000,000?! After I had some moderate success in the markets swing trading and due to some real estate deals I had a surplus of personal income. So I thought being able to travel across the globe and trade anywhere (i.e. Cebu) I might be able to parlay that into a income generating livelihood… ughhh.

In this blog I plan to post my trading plan and keep a detailed trading journal. Though at times it may read like a diary. I will post here others items (ideas, quotes, reviews) which I feel may help others either to move in the right direction or as a reminder of what not to do.

In case it isnt evident yet you will notice I am not a connoisseur of our fine language. Being this is my 1st blog I am looking forward to experimenting with the look and feel of this site as it evolves.

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